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Orbis has a unique understanding of the importance that market data plays within the financial services industry. It is our belief that market data sits at the very heart of a company's ability to efficiently manage their operations, their investment management process and the many services and products that they provide to their clients. And yet, market data is imperfect. It is wrought with non-standardization, various levels of granularity and purpose, and many different vendors who specialize in particular segments.

Our experience and perspective, in regards to market data, provides our clients with the ability to gain both efficiencies within their operations and processes, as well as find competitive advantages that will enhance their business. We specialize in the selection, optimization and effective implementation and integration of market data and market data support systems into various core applications and processes throughout the organization. Here is a listing of the services that we provide through our Market Data Solutions Consulting Group:

Market Data Project Planning and Management
Vendor Analysis and Selection
Vendor Contract Negotiation and Management
Vendor Feed Rationalization & Integration
Market Data System Requirements Analysis and Documentation
Market Data System Delivery Specifications and Design
Architecture and Infrastructure Planning
Integration and Implementation
Interface Design & Development
Market Data Migration & Conversion
Market Data Database Management
Market Data Validation and Edit Rules Development
Market Data Operations Planning and Training
Securities Modeling


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